Australia Health Sector – Federal Government should take the lead and match WA budget target

Source: Public Health Association of Australia

The Public Health Association of Australia has endorsed the Western Australian Government's pledge to increase spending on prevention and health promotion to 5% of the state's health budget by 2029.

"This is trailblazing," CEO Terry Slevin said.

"I call on the Commonwealth to match WA with a 5% national prevention health spending commitment and a meaningful timeline to get there."

WA Premier Mark McGowan and his deputy, Health Minister Roger Cooke, are to be congratulated for endorsing in full the recommendations of a ground-breaking Sustainable Health Review which shifts the emphasis to prevention, community-based care and improving hospital systems.      

"The benefits of prevention often take years to arrive. The long-term view is vital as the return on investment requires parliamentarians seeing beyond the election cycle," Mr Slevin said.

The Western Australian Branch of the PHAA has whole-heartedly backed the WA government's ambitions.

"Western Australia is now in the enviable position of having a government that has truly recognised the importance of prevention in a sustainable health system," said Branch President, Hannah Pierce.

"We look forward to working with the Western Australian Government to implement its vision to act on the major public health issues impacting on our community," Ms Pierce said.