Australia Education Sector – Did you know: Four-year-olds can swim with sharks?

Source: Big Red Group

Did you know: Four-year-olds can swim with sharks? Five-year-olds can drive a race buggy? And 12-year-olds can skydive?

These and other interesting facts to help you entertain the little ones, from 'Adrenaline Kids'.

Wednesday March 13, 2019: With school holidays looming again, the thought of throwing your child to the sharks, or out of a plane, may become a very tempting thought. And the team at Adrenaline can help you do just that.

Experiences brand Adrenaline has launched Adrenaline Kids; a range of more than 850 experiences across Australia, designed to help parents find things to do for and with their children – be that in their local area on a weekend, or when away on holidays in another city or state.

Adrenaline recognised a customer need when they saw a surge of more than 20,000 people every month searching for 'children's experiences'; people keen to get kids off the Xbox and away from screens, to instead enjoy new and fun experiences.

Experiences are available across Australia, and are targeted at specific age groups: 0-3, 4-8, 9-13 and 14+, with prices from $12 and up. Customers can search for multiple age groups and availability on specific dates, with instant booking available across all products – making life easier when planning things to do on weekends and during the school holidays.

The range extends beyond the brand's traditional footprint of largely Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane – with a big product offering also in Perth and Adelaide, as well as outside the major metro areas.

Experience categories include: indoor skydiving, jet boating, zoos and animal encounters, theme parks, abseiling, horse riding, tree top adventures, quad biking, jet packs, kayaking, movie tickets, surfing, sailing and many more.

View the full range here:

Other unexpected products from the Adrenaline Kids range
– Indoor Skydiving (ages 3+)
– Diving with whale sharks (ages 4+)
– Trapeze Lesson (ages 5+)
– Buggy driving (ages 5+)
– Flying Fox Treetop Adventure Parks (ages 7+)
– Off-Road Zoo Safari (ages 8+)
– Ghost Tour (ages 8+)
– Skydiving (ages 12+)
– Jet Packs & Flyboards (ages 12+)
– Full Day Stunt Academy (ages 14+)
– Gliding Flights (ages 15+)
– Swimming with sharks (ages 15+)

Adrenaline General Manager Julia Wilson said the range was designed to make life easier for parents who often struggle with ideas of things to do with the kids on weekends, on vacation and throughout extended school holiday periods.

"As a working mum myself I know how hard it is to keep the kids occupied during the holidays, and even on the weekend when you're hearing the words 'I'm bored' at least ten times a day," Ms Wilson said.

"We saw a trend emerging on the Adrenaline site where people were searching more and more for experiences for children, and we took that need and ran with it. Whether they're mini daredevils, junior artists or just full of energy, the range boasts great experiences for all ages.

"It's great to see families wanting to do things together and create lasting memories."

Adrenaline invites media to enquire about road testing and reviewing experiences in their local area.


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